Dominican Republic

Rapid Appraisal Facility Tool

The Rapid Appraisal Facility Tool (RAFT) is a form-based tool that provides solid waste management staff and planners a quick and efficient way to collect key data about a city’s current solid waste and recycling systems, including its individual disposal and processing facilities, to inform solid waste management planning and… Read More

Creating Economies of Scale for Plastics Recycling

Alarming levels of plastic are produced every day, much of which makes its way into the environment and our ocean. Of the seven billion metric tons of plastic waste generated globally to date, less than 10 percent has been recycled. For the world to succeed in stopping plastic waste from flowing into our oceans and damaging the environment, much higher volumes need to be collected and recycled at the source: on land. Read More

Announcing the Winners of the 2023 Urbanlinks Photo Contest!

We are excited to announce the winners of the inaugural Urbanlinks 2023 Photo Contest! Over 80 submissions representing 12 countries were submitted to the contest. Submissions to the four themes of Air Quality, Climate, Ocean Plastics, and Urban Communities highlight the work that USAID engages in with local partners, alongside… Read More

Request for Full Application (RFA): “Oceans Plastics-Solid Waste Management” Program

The Regional Office of Acquisition and Assistance (ROAA) is pleased to announce the posting of the Request for Full Application (RFA) no. 72051723RFA00006 for the “Oceans Plastics-Solid Waste Management” program. The due date for applications submissions, under this RFA is September 18, 2023.  Questions regarding this RFA must be submitted in writing, via email, to Mercedes Calderón, at … Read More

A Model for Waste Site Remediation in the Dominican Republic

Take an interactive look at Clean Cities, Blue Ocean’s work in the Dominican Republic through the ArcGIS Story Map: A Model for Waste Site Remediation in the Dominican Republic.  The Dominican Republic discards an estimated 11,000 metric tons of daily waste in informal and open dumpsites, resulting in waterway contamination… Read More