Environmental and Natural Resource Management Framework


Although the world has made unprecedented development progress since USAID was founded, environmental degradation is eroding the very foundations of the world’s livelihoods. From the rapid loss of global biodiversity to increasing pollution of critical water and air resources, the economic development, food security, health, and quality of life of millions is at stake. This is why USAID has launched a new Framework for Environmental and Natural Resource Management (ENRM).

The Environmental and Natural-Resource Management Framework responds to global trends and highlights opportunities to strengthen positive linkages in two priority areas: (1) improving natural resource management for self-reliance; and, (2) improving urban systems for a cleaner environment and enhanced human well-being. In alignment with the Agency’s Policy Framework, the Framework also explicitly identifies approaches to promote country progress; seek sustainable, resilient results; and invest for measurable impact in environmental and natural-resource management.

The ENRM Framework will coordinate, unify, and elevate environmental and natural resource management in Agency programming. It furthers the steps taken through the new Policy Framework and self-reliance metrics, which elevate environmental and natural resource management as a critical component in the journey to self-reliance and core to countering the coercive nature of state-driven development.

USAID will operationalize the ENRM Framework through high-level Agency coordination led by the Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation (DDI), partnerships with the private sector and underutilized groups/entities, programming in priority areas to address gaps and emerging trends, and programming guidance and tools.

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