The Maldives, an archipelago of 1,200 coral islands, faces a unique set of challenges in managing a rapidly growing volume of waste. Given its dispersed geography and a host of other unique challenges such as  extremely limited amounts of land to store waste, the country has been overwhelmed by managing not only its domestic waste, but also the marine debris generated by other countries that is carried in by ocean currents.

USAID’s Clean Cities, Blue Ocean (CCBO) program offers international technical expertise and sustainable, locally-led solutions through its local grants program. CCBO seeks to develop, test, and implement new models that promote reducing, reusing, and recycling practices and improve solid waste management (SWM), and facilitate partnerships and investment around key needs. CCBO also works to support and enhance livelihoods of independent waste collectors and other vulnerable populations in the SWM sector.

Key Statistics
Tons of waste generated daily
Plastic bottles used per day
Million plastic bags imported annually


Bottles in Net
While CCBO is global in scope, the program will build on previous USAID recycling programs such as the Municipal Waste Recycling Program through an initial focus on key countries in Asia and Latin America.
Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Maldives, Peru, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam

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