Latin America and the Caribbean

CCBO Initial Solid Waste Management Assessment Peru

The following presents CCBO’s Initial Solid Waste Management Assessment (ISWMA) for the program’s two “engagement sites” in Peru: Piura and Ica. The ISWMA is one of CCBO’s first steps in its launch of in-field implementation and will support its engagement sites to create improvements that will lead to sustainable, integrated… Read More

Plastic is a Climate Issue, Too

A wide range of environmental changes threaten development. Of these challenges, climate change and plastic pollution in particular inspire concern and action from governments, scientists, and advocates alike. While it is easy to silo the approaches we take to address plastic pollution and climate change, there are fundamental connections between the two issues that can… Read More

For Holistic Violence Prevention, Consider the Local Systems Framework

By: Luke Waggoner, Chemonics International, and Stephen Dudley, InsightCrime Community violence manifests in a myriad of forms from gang violence to organized crime. The gamut of ways in which violence materializes implies a litany of societal cleavages, weak governance, and discordant agendas. Too often, efforts to prevent… Read More