Middle East and North Africa

Building Gender-Equal Cities in Tunisia: The Femmedina Project

Urban Public Spaces: Why Gender Matters Despite persistent global efforts to advance gender equality, women in cities around the world still encounter countless challenges that hinder their participation in city life. From public spaces to service provision, and from transportation to land management and housing, gender inequalities are built into… Read More

COVID-19 and Emergency Operations in Libya

Few countries in the world are as vulnerable to the devastating health, economic and political effects of the COVID-19 pandemic as Libya.  With its territory divided between two governments, its national institutions in disarray, its currency rapidly devaluing, and with armed conflict persisting nearly a decade-on from revolution, Libya has… Read More

Sanitation Campaigns for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in Iraq

Two organizations that are part of Ninewa’s SAG, Youth of Tal Afar and Zummar Youth Council, conducted sanitation campaigns in their respective localities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Youth of Tal Afar helped sanitize public and governmental spaces and conducted outreach campaigns to minority groups in the Ninewa… Read More

New Bidding Procedure in Iraq Speeds Up Development Undertakings

A REVISED BIDDING PROCESS AND SIMPLIFIED BIDDING DOCUMENTS FAST-TRACK DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS IN IRAQ Government bidding is inherently a complex undertaking. In Iraq, this complexity was more pronounced because of the ambiguous and unwieldy bidding process. No matter the size of the procurement, be they multi-million-dollar construction projects or… Read More

App2Action Hosting Guide

Housed under the USAID-funded, ICMA CityLinks program, the App2Action Challenge brought together software developers, designers, and subject matter experts who developed phone and web-based tools that addressed water sector challenges in the West Bank city of Nablus. Read More