Urban Development Media Scan – 1 March 2018


  1. A Look Back at the 2018 World Urban Forum


  1. UN to development community: Think urban for the SDGs (2/16/18)
    Source: Devex
  2. Corruption and the city: How aid donors can support integrity building in urban spaces (2/20/18)
    Source: ReliefWeb
  3. Urban heat island effects depend on a city’s layout (2/22/18)
    Source: MIT News
  4. More than 100 cities now mostly powered by renewable energy, data shows (2/27/18)
    Source: The Guardian


  1. Ethiopia: Meeting Urbanite’s Health Care Demands (2/16/18)
    Source: allAfrica
  2. Search for new urban water sparks conflict in parched Malawi (2/26/18)
    Source: Reuters
  3. Africa’s Manmade Water Crisis (2/20/18)
    Source: Project Syndicate


  1. City for All: Investing in Sustainable Urbanization in Afghanistan (2/22/18)
    Source: Reliefweb
  2. Urbanization triggers land disputes in Indian cities (2/20/18)
    Source: Reuters
  3. Child obesity soaring in Vietnam with urban youngsters at highest risk (2/21/18)
    Source: Food Navigator-Asia
  4. Urban-planning fiasco (2/25/18)
    Source: Kathmandu Post
  5. Dongguan in the spotlight: hi-tech comeback for ‘factory of the world’? (2/16/18)
    Source: The Guardian


  1. Letting Slum Residents Control Their Own Destiny (2/23/18)
    Source: CITYLAB
  2. These Women Are The Only Reason Some People In Mexico City Get Any Water (2/22/18)
    Source: Buzzfeed

Middle East

  1. Isn’t it about urbanisation? (2/22/18)
    Source: Jordan Times
  2. Egypt unveils $15.5bln urban development project for embattled Sinai (2/27/18)
    Source: Zawya


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