Urban Development Media Scan – 10 May 2018


  1. USAID Radio Show Boosts National Conversation about Local Government


  1. UN urban chief on mission to reform and make cities better for women (4/30/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  2. Cities from the sea: the true cost of reclaimed land (5/2/18)
    Source: The Guardian
  3. Robot cities: Three urban prototypes that could revolutionize our lives (5/5/18)
    Source: The Independent
  4. Innovation and imagination: The keys to a sustainable urban future (4/27/18)
    Source: UN Environment
  5. 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe polluted air, but more countries are taking action (5/2/18)
    Source: World Health Organization
  6. New Report Looks at Past Disasters to Prepare for the Future (5/8/18)
    Source: The World Bank
  7. Building Sustainability, Climate Change Resilience of Cities Highlighted as Economic and Social Council Continues 2018 Integration Segment (5/2/18)
    Source: UN
  8. Can Cosmopolitanism Survive in an Age of Populism and Urbanization? (5/1/18)
    Source: Pacific Standard
  9. Clever city clusters may solve a global challenge (5/3/18)
    Source: The Nation


  1. Ethiopia is Africa’s Fastest Growing Economy (5/8/18)
    Source: Eyewitness News
  2. ‘Cairo has started to become ugly’: why Egypt is building a new capital city (5/8/18)
    Source: The Guardian
  3. What Africa Has to Offer (4/30/18)
    Source: Fair Observer


  1. The Philippines is planning a $14 billion ‘pollution-free’ city that will be larger than Manhattan (5/8/18)
    Source: Business Insider
  2. ‘Designed for death’: the Mumbai housing blocks breeding TB (4/26/18)
    Source: The Guardian
  3. Displacement Survey Shows 3.5 Million Internally Displaced, Returnees from Abroad in 15 Afghan Provinces (5/8/18)
    Source: International Organization for Migration | Afghanistan
  4. Bhutan to Graduate from Being a Least Developed Country (5/7/18)
    Source: The Wire


  1. How Puerto Rico Plans to Spend $1.5 Billion In Federal Recovery Plans (5/7/18)
    Source: NPR
  2. The Metro Stations of São Paulo That Read Your Face (5/8/18)
    Source: CityLab
  3. Costa Rica’s new president promises plan to speed clean transport (4/30/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Middle East

  1. Abu Dhabi Ranked Smartest City in Middle East (4/28/18)
    Source: Dubai Chronicle
  2. From refugees to earthquakes, Istanbul ready for a reshape, say city planners (4/28/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  3. Middle Eastern Women in The Arts Win Big (5/2/18)
    Source: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia



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