Urban Development Media Scan – 12 April 2018


  1. USAID Urban Champion: David Mann
  2. Millennium Challenge Corporation Annual Program Statement
  3. Progress Toward Financing Urban Infrastructure


  1. UN population forum urged to examine ways to protect people on the move, make cities work better (4/9/18)
    Source: UN News
  2. Developing nations to study ways to dim sunshine, slow warming (4/4/18)
    Source: Reuters
  3. Eco-farming can solve hunger and climate crises, experts say (4/4/18)
    Source: Thomas Reuters Foundation
  4. This one chart shows the radical changes needed to achieve sustainable cities (4/11/18)
    Source: CityMetric


  1. This African city could be the most populated in the world by the end of the century, predictions suggest (4/9/18)
    Source: Business Insider
  2. How African cities can pay for their own upkeep (4/5/18)
    Source: The Economist
  3. Senegal city races to move families as sea swallows homes (4/3/18)
    Source: Thomas Reuters Foundation
  4. Kenyan fund targets $15mln green bond for water projects (4/10/18)
    Source: Reuters
  5. In traffic tied Nairobi, the way forward may be on foot (4/6/18)
    Source: Thomas Reuters Foundation


  1. Public transport infrastructure at fault for urban Indian women turning down jobs away from home, reveals study (4/9/18)
    Source: FirstPost
  2. A painful homecoming for Marawi evacuees (4/6/18)
    Source: Rappler
  3. Why urban Indian women turn down better job opportunities away from home (4/10/18)
    Source: Business Standard
  4. The Philippines is aiming to build a city of the future (4/10/18)
    Source: CNBC
  5. India’s urban development plan most comprehensive: Puri (4/9/18)
    Source: Business Standard
  6. Can This New Electric Rickshaw Stop Cars from Taking Over Asian Cities? (4/4/18)
    Source: Fast Company
  7. Strengthening resilience key to sustainable development in Asia-Pacific (4/9/18)
    Source: Devdiscourse
  8. In sniffling Islamabad, pollen allergies soar as spring brings less rain (4/9/18)
    Source: Thomas Reuters Foundation


  1. The apps that map violence – and keep Rio residents out of the crossfire (4/5/18)
    Source: The Guardian
  2. Turning a Busy Street into a Work of Art in Santiago (4/2/18)
    Source: CityLab

Middle East

  1. Today’s Urban Battles in Syria and Iraq May Be a Preview of a Grim Future of War (4/6/18)
    Source: World Politics Review
  2. Istanbul’s Grenfell? Hospital fire brings city safety into stark relief (4/10/18)
    Source: Middle East Eye



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