Urban Development Media Scan – 13 January 2017

Here are the recent urban development media items:


  1. UrbanLinks Event on February 1: Financing Urban Infrastructure
  2. USAID Urban Champion: Kevin Nelson (1/6/2017)


  1. How to ensure children everywhere enjoy the ‘urban advantage’ (1/9/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  2. Uber’s Mildly Helpful Data Tool Could Help Cities Fix Streets (1/8/2017)
    Source: Wired
  3. A Globetrotting Filmmaker, Seeking Answers About Our Urban Future (1/6/2017)
    Source: CityLab
  4. Want sustainable urban development? It’s time for Local Agenda 2030 (1/5/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  5. What makes a city ‘fragile’? (1/3/2017)
    Source: Citiscope


  1. Recycling army in Ethiopian capital fear livelihoods at risk as city modernizes (1/11/2017)
    Source: Reuters
  2. Lessons In Green Building From Africa’s First LEED-Certified Hospital (1/10/2017)
    Source: FastCoDesign
  3. Egypt annual urban consumer price inflation highest in years (1/10/2017)
    Source: News24
  4. #BizTrends2017: Developing Africa’s future cities (1/9/2017)
    Source: Bizcommunity
  5. Uganda: Urban Council Leaders to Increase Funding for HIV (1/3/2017)
    Source: AllAfrica
  6. Revamp of South Africa’s largest city leaves poor battling for housing (1/3/2017)
    Source: Reuters
  7. Slum violence inspires Kenyans to tackle huge housing shortage (12/29/2016)
    Source: Land Portal


  1. India’s challenges in waste management (1/11/2017)
    Source: Millennium Post
  2. Let’s bring back the urban health advantage (1/10/2017)
    Source: Asian Development Blog
  3. India: Smart City indicators are here (1/7/2017)
    Source: The Hindu
  4. In India, training the next generation of urbanists (1/6/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  5. Nomads no more: why Mongolian herders are moving to the city (1/5/2017)
    Source: The Guardian
  6. Securing Asia’s Urban Water (1/5/2017)
    Source: BRINK
  7. Why India’s waste pickers are key to a fair climate deal (1/3/2017)
    Source: Climate Home
  8. Water Crisis in Bangladesh’s Urban Slums (12/30/2016)
    Source: The Diplomat
  9. Rising middle class threatens China’s climate targets (12/29/2016)
    Source: Climate Home


  1. Urban Land Conflicts in Latin America and the Caribbean (1/10/2017)
    Source: Land Portal

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