Urban Development Media Scan – 14 July 2017


  1. Upgrade slums, expand rentals to ease urban housing crisis: researchers (7/12/2017)
    Source: Reuters
  2. A guide to fixing the urban housing crisis (7/12/2017)
    Source: Devex
  3. As nations assess progress on SDGs, questions linger about the cities goal (7/10/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  4. Lessons from five cities on urban food policy (7/5/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  5. Which is the world’s most biodiverse city? (7/3/2017)
    Source: Guardian
  6. Here’s why growing cities should tax land to pay for essential services (7/3/2017)
    Source: The Conversation
  7. Urban science must inform policymaking — here’s how (7/3/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  8. Sub-national pooled financing: Lessons from the United States (6/29/2017)
    Source: World Bank Blog


  1. The keys to meeting Africa’s growing urban energy needs (7/12/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  2. Solid Waste Management Training Begins in Gompa City (7/11/2017)
    Source: Daily Observer
  3. Tunisia: Improving local governments’ performance through annual performance reviews (7/10/2017)
    Source: World Bank Blog
  4. African countries want to turn their poor, overcrowded urban centers into “smart cities” (7/6/2017)
    Source: Quartz
  5. ‘Now we’re back it’s even worse’: the Bangui residents who preferred a refugee camp to their home city (7/5/2017)
    Source: Guardian
  6. New bus rapid transit system earns Dar es Salaam 2018 Sustainable Transit Award (6/30/2017)
    Source: Citiscope


  1. Towards better, safer, smarter, sustainable and resilient cities (7/12/2017)
    Source: Manila Times
  2. Indonesia’s plan to move capital from Jakarta revives debate (7/10/2017)
    Source: Straits Times
  3. Chongqing, China: Revitalizing urban growth, sustainably (7/10/2017)
    Source: World Bank Blog
  4. To fight radicalisation in Southeast Asia, empower the women (7/6/2017)
    Source: The Conversation
  5. With colour-coded warnings, Indian city gets serious about dirty air (7/4/2017)
    Source: Reuters
  6. With promises and some arm-twisting, women lead revamp of slums in Gujarat (7/3/2017)
    Source: Reuters


  1. How Urbanization and Land Trafficking Go Hand-in-Hand in Peru (7/4/2917)
    Source: Insight Crime
  2. City plan aims for flood-free growth in Argentina’s Santa Fe (6/30/2017)
    Source: Reuters
  3. How Buenos Aires is thinking about sustainable transport (6/28/2017)
    Source: Citiscope

Middle East

  1. Expansion plan highlights crowded West Bank city’s plight (7/11/2017)
    Source: Washington Post
  2. The Middle East: leading urban development with a new model (7/3/2017)
    Source: EV Performance

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