Urban Development Media Scan – 15 February 2018


  1. Annual Program Statement: Municipal Waste Recycling Program
  2. Recorded Webinar – Women in Waste Management: An Opportunity

USAID Urban Blog Series:

  1. South Africa: A New Model for Transformational USAID/Water Office Support?
  2. Helping Vulnerable Young Hondurans to Gain Job Skills, Self-Confidence and Hope for the Future
  3. In Guatemala, Participatory Planning Produces Strategic Blueprints for Cities
  4. Progress Mapping: How maps are improving government accountability in Liberia’s cities
  5. Governor Mohammed Abubakar Fast Tracks Bauchi Water Board’s Reform with Support from USAID’s WASH Coordination Project
  6. Working together to Achieve Safe Urban Sanitation in Nigeria
  7. The Case of Jordan: Empowering Municipalities to Improve Public Service Delivery


  1. A Healthy Home: The Key to Urbanization (2/5/18)
    Source: Peruvian Times
  2. 3 Big Ideas to Achieve Sustainable Cities and Communities (1/31/18)
    Source: World Bank
  3. Making cities sustainable for the world’s growing population (2/1/18)
    Source: Eco-Business
  4. How can we enhance competition in bus passenger urban transport? (2/1/18)
    Source: World Bank
  5. Cities experiment to reduce homelessness with “pay for success” finance (2/1/18)
    Source: Thomas Reuters Foundation
  6. ‘Grow now, pay later’ no longer an option for world’s ballooning cities: experts (2/9/18)
    Source: Reuters
  7. Urbanization: A multidimensional challenge and opportunity for health, well-being and equity (2/8/18)
    Source: UNDP


  1. How Ethiopia’s New Railway Could Launch an Inclusive Urban Boom (2/5/18)
    Source: Next City
  2. The African Country More Urban Than Germany, but Abysmally Poor (2/12/18)
    Source: OZY.COM
  3. Cape Town is bracing for “Day Zero” — the day it cuts off running water for 4 million people (2/9/18)
    Source: Vox
  4. Figures of the week: Addressing barriers to development in Africa’s cities (2/9/18)
    Source: Brookings


  1. Colorful makeover puts Mumbai slum on tourist map (2/2/18)
    Source: Eco-Business
  2. Urbanizing Malaysia Reflects the Future of East Asia (2/1/18)
    Source: Next City
  3. Expanding opportunities for urban poor in East Asia and Pacific cities (2/4/18)
    Source: World Bank
  4. Who Will Pay for Asia’s Multi-Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Gap? (2/13/18)
    Source: Next City


  1. Bolivia’s path to urban resilience (2/5/18)
    Source: World Bank

Middle East

  1. How Beirut is breaking down the divisions of its past (2/5/18)
    Source: CityMetric
  2. Cities of Refuge in the Middle East : Bringing an Urban Lens to the Forced Displacement Challenge (2/10/18)
    Source: ReliefWeb
  3. Urban agriculture spreads in Gaza (1/31/18)
    Source: Al Monitor


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