Urban Development Media Scan – 15 March 2018


  1. A Look Back at the 2018 World Urban Forum


  1. Disability inclusion – ensuring equal access to urban opportunities for all (3/6/18)
    Source: The World Bank, Sustainable Cities
  2. Urban Heat: Can White Roofs Help Cool World’s Warming Cities? (3/7/18)
    Source: Yale Environment 360
  3. Cities Emit 60% More Carbon Than Thought (3/6/18)
    Source: National Geographic
  4. Data on slums holds key to more resilient cities (3/7/18)
    Source: Thomas Reuters Foundation
  5. Here are three ways cities are leading the fight against climate change (3/13/18)
    Source: CityMetric
  6. Cities emerge onto the climate science agenda (3/12/18)
    Source: Devex
  7. SDG Knowledge Weekly: Gender Equality and Agreement on Principle 10 (3/12/18)
    Source: IISD SDG Knowledge Hub
  8. Cities change how much it rains and where storms hit (3/14/18)
    Source: Futurity
  9. The rise of cities in the battle against climate change (3/14/18)
    Source: Phys.org


  1. Penthouse sales boom among Kenya’s super rich amid urban poverty, traffic jams (3/9/18)
    Source: The Star, Kenya
  2. Why Kampala keeps flooding (3/9/18)
    Source: Daily Monitor
  3. Q&A with Winnie Mitullah on Integrating Non-Motorized Transport in African Cities (3/12/18)
    Source: The City Fix
  4. South Africa: Dire Need for Housing Is South Africa’s Biggest Challenge (3/8/18)
    Source: AllAfrica
  5. Urban Risk of Resilience? Opportunities for Improving Informal Settlements in Urban Africa (3/13/18)
    Source: New Security Beat


  1. Centre’s clean air plan goes beyond Delhi, urban India and outdoor pollution (3/12/18)
    Source: Hindustan Times
  2. Smart Cities in Gujarat: Sincere Efforts Towards Urbanization (3/9/18)
    Source: BW Smart Cities
  3. Four Years After Declaring War on Pollution, China Is Winning (3/12/18)
    Source: New York Times
  4. Turning Dhaka into a resilient city (3/11/18)
    Source: The Daily Star


  1. Preserving Mexico City’s Ecologically Vital Urban Forest (3/12/18)
    Source: Pacific Standard

Middle East

  1. Dubai Decrees Itself the A.I. City-State of the Future (3/12/18)
    Source: Time
  2. UN-Habitat launches ‘Migration and Inclusive Cities: A Guide for Arab City Leaders’ (3/14/18)
    Source: UN Habitat


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