Urban Development Media Scan – 18 May 2017


  1. Business Owners Enjoy Faster Business Registration as Cities Become More Competitive
  2. USAID Leads Conference on Sustainable Land Governance
  3. Article: Financing the Growth of Cities


  1. The Role of Cities in Countering Violent Extremism (5/17/2017)
    Source: UrbanLinks
  2. Interview – Insurance know-how can help cities cut disaster risk: U.N. expert (5/16/2017)
    Source: Reuters
  3. No set menu to feed cities’ growing appetite (5/15/2017)
    Source: Reuters
  4. C40 cities work together to invest in clean buses (5/11/2017)
    Source: C40 Blog
  5. UN-Habitat reforms will hold up New Urban Agenda implementation (5/10/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  6. Putting Sustainable Development Under a Microscope (5/9/2017)
    Source: CityLab
  7. Reducing risks in urban centres: think ‘local, local, local’ (5/8/2017)
    Source: International Institute for Environment and Development
  8. New toolkit to help smart cities be more accessible (5/8/2017)
    Source: Cities Today
  9. Digitalisation of urban infrastructure to affect investment (5/6/2017)
    Source: Cities Today
  10. Key storylines to watch as UN-Habitat’s Governing Council meets (5/5/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  11. Four tools to ensure ‘smart cities’ don’t leave behind people with disabilities (5/4/17)
    Source: Citiscope


  1. Cities like Kampala expose the limits of Uber and other ridesharing apps (5/17/2017)
    Source: Quartz
  2. Urban disasters highlight need for resilience in Africa (5/10/2017)
    Source: UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
  3. SA’s WhereIsMyTransport named Global Urban Innovator (5/10/2017)
    Source: Disrupt Africa
  4. Kenya: Urbanisation Science to Prosperity (5/10/2017)
    Source: AllAfrica
  5. The heavy impact of urban diets (5/9/2017)
    Source: Health-E News
  6. Juba in the spotlight: ongoing turmoil in the world’s youngest capital (5/8/2017)
    Source: Guardian
  7. Delivering Sustainable Transport In Africa’s Cities (5/8/2017)
    Source: Huffington Post UK
  8. Better urban planning needed by Joburg to cope with rapid expansion‚ experts warn (5/7/2017)
    Source: Times Live
  9. GUMAP launched to integrate urban mobility planning and transport (5/5/2017)
    Source: Ghana News Agency


  1. Smarter together: The France-Singapore cleantech connection (5/15/2017)
    Source: Eco-Business
  2. How infrastructure can change the face of cities in South-East Asia (5/10/2017)
    Source: World Economic Forum
  3. Mumbai Metro’s Shopping Now With $7.5 Billion. Here’s What It Wants (5/10/2017)
    Source: NDTV
  4. ADB developing New Delhi as hub for South Asia operations (5/8/2017)
    Source: Live Mint
  5. Japan vows to help energy and urban development in Vietnam (5/8/2017)
    Source: Japan Times
  6. Young Mumbaiites find out what ails city’s slum dwellers (5/8/2017)
    Source: Hidustan Times
  7. Endless cities: will China’s new urbanisation just mean more sprawl? (5/5/2017)
    Source: Guardian
  8. Yokohama to assist Cebu City on bankable waste management project (5/4/2017)
    Source: Cities Today
  9. The Transformative Power of Play in Urban India (5/3/2017)
    Source: CityLab


  1. Life in Slovakia’s Roma slums: Poverty and segregation (5/10/2017)
  2. Urban Water Atlas for Europe: 360° view on water management in cities (4/27/2017)
    Source: Science Daily


  1. Labor Conditions Seen Continuing to Weaken in 2017 and Urban Unemployment Could Exceed 9% in the Region (5/11/2017)
    Source: Bahamas Weekly
  2. How Quito is building resilience into its mobility services (5/9/2017)
    Source: Cities Today

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