Urban Development Media Scan – 2 November 2017


  1. Note to Stakeholders and Prospective Applicants for USAID-funded Grants under the Municipal Waste Recycling Program


  1. Migration and Its Impact on Cities (10/25/17)
    Source: World Economic Forum
  2. Localizing the SDGs in Colombia, Indonesia and Kenya (10/20/17)
    Source: Citiscope
  3. Municipal Workers: the invisible, underpaid people who run our cities (10/31/17)
    Source: The Guardian
  4. These winning photos capture the future of sustainable cities (10/30/17)
    Source: World Bank
  5. Planning better cities-why inclusiveness matters for people and the environment (10/30/17)
    Source: Eco-Business
  6. Urban-rural continuum’ essential to achieving New Urban Agenda (10/18/17)
    Source: Citiscope
  7. The Refugee Crisis Is a City Crisis (10/27/17)
    Source: CityLab


  1. What does the future African city look like? (10/31/17)
    Source: Bizcommunity
  2. World Cities Day 2017 (10/30/17)
    Source: The New Times
  3. Mogadishu and Kismaayo enjoy a renaissance after decades of war (10/30/17)
    Source: Reliefweb


  1. How can India create liveable cities amid rapid urbanization (10/31/17)
    Source: JLL
  2. Bangladesh’s urban underbelly a cause for concern (10/30/17)
    Source: Dhaka Tribune
  3. Half of Southeast Asia’s renewable energy projects are unbankable (11/1/17)
    Source: Eco-Business
  4. Over 19 million people are internally displaced in Asia (11/11/17)
    Source: Inquirer.net
  5. The cities debate- the smaller may be smarter (11/1/17)
    Source: Daily Times

Middle East

  1. How Amman is reinventing itself as a business hub (10/26/17)
    Source: Financial Times


  1. Latin America and the Caribbean Economies Record nearly 400 business Reforms Over Last 15 Years (10/31/17)
    Source: World Bank

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