Urban Development Media Scan – 21 June 2018


  1. New Resource Hub: Municipal Waste Recycling Program (MWRP)


  1. Mesmerizing NASA Images Show Just How Much Cities Grew Over 30 Years (6/14/18)
    Source: Forbes
  2. What it means to nourish cities with nature (6/17/18)
    Source: Eco-Business
  3. Exploring smart cities through the lens of female leaders (6/14/18)
    Source: Smart Cities Dive
  4. Sustainable Development Goals are indivisible (6/19/18)
    Source: UN Environment
  5. Snacks and the City: The Malnutrition Cocktail (6/15/18)
    Source: Food Tank


  1. Ethiopia’s Urban Infrastructural Development Program (6/14/18)
    Source: AllAfrica
  2. African cities for sustainable future start with building for resilience (6/18/18)
    Source: ESI Africa


  1. A tale of two systems: urban development in China and India (6/5/18)
    Source: Financial Times
  2. Planet over Plastic: Addressing East Asia’s Growing Environmental Crisis (6/8/18)
    Source: The World Bank
  3. Informality: The Quintessential Feature of Indian Urbanism (6/18/18)
    Source: Knowledge & News Network
  4. Keeping Life Affordable in Asia’s Fastest-Growing Cities (6/12/18)
    Source: Urban Land
  5. Public-private partnership vital for urban renewal (6/19/18)
    Source: GovInsider


  1. Why are Latin American and Caribbean cities less productive? Mayors in Miami to discuss (6/12/18)
    Source: Miami Herald
  2. In Puerto Rico, a new hurricane season threatens the elderly (6/14/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Middle East

  1. Recycling rubbish into revenue – the scheme bringing hope to women in Jordan (6/18/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation





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