Urban Development Media Scan – 24 February 2017

Here are the recent urban development media items:


  1. USAID Launches Municipal Waste Recycling Program in Southeast Asia (2/17/2017)
  2. Municipal Waste Recycling Program Annual Program Statement
  3. Event: New Urban Perspectives: Climate Change, Refugees, and Planning
  4. Call for Proposals: Smart Solutions for Adaptable Communities and Cities
  5. New Solicitation: (EOI) Improving Urban Health in Asia


  1. The Urban Disadvantage: Rethinking Maternal and Newborn Health Priorities (2/14/2017)
    Source: New Security Beat


  1. `Shock-and-Awe’ Campaign Planned in Johannesburg Inner City (2/23/2017)
    Source: Bloomberg
  2. Rural and urban Ugandans experience different attitudes to HIV (2/22/2017)
    Source: Irish Times
  3. Morocco tops new survey on quality of African urban life (2/22/2017)
    Source: News24
  4. Tanzanian start-up turns urban waste into “plastic lumber” (2/17/2017)
    Source: Reuters
  5. An infrastructure deficit is making life in African cities more expensive than it should be (2/12/2017)
    Source: Quartz Africa
  6. Improving Food Security in South Africa (2/12/2017)
    Source: FoodTank
  7. Land rights can lift African cities from ‘low development trap’, World Bank urges (2/10/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  8. Africa’s Cities: Opening Doors to the World (2/9/2017)
    Source: World Bank
  9. Urban farming produces more than food: social networks are a key spinoff (2/9/2017)
    Source: The Conversation


  1. Not a concrete jungle: Singapore beats 16 cities in green urban areas (2/22/2017)
    Source: Straits Times
  2. Green cities are not just for the elite (2/20/2017)
    Source: Asian Development Bank
  3. IFC and Mongolian Government Partner to Promote Green Buildings (2/16/2017)
    Source: The Financial
  4. Coalition seeks overhaul of land governance policies (2/14/2017)
    Source: Inquirer
  5. Smart cities: Pune Municipal Corporation plans India’s largest municipal bond issue of Rs 2,300 cr (2/13/2017)
    Source: Financial Express
  6. Can the New Urban Agenda heal India’s urban-rural divide? (2/13/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  7. Urban renewal to revive Bangkok for its 250th birthday (2/13/2017)
    Source: Channel NewsAsia
  8. Open sewage canals put Phnom Penh’s poorest at risk (2/9/2017)
    Source: Deutsche Welle


  1. Paint it grey: the controversial plan to ‘beautify’ São Paulo (2/23/2017)
    Source: Guardian
  2. Mexico City, Parched and Sinking, Faces a Water Crisis (2/17/2017)
    Source: New York Times
  3. How will Mexico City pay for its new ‘right to the city’ guarantee? (2/17/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  4. Latin America’s cities sweat over health risks from urban heat (2/15/2017)
    Source: Reuters

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