Urban Development Media Scan – 24 August 2017


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  2. Municipal Waste Recycling Program Annual Program Statement – Amendment 2


  1. UN-Habitat faces shake up (8/22/2017)
    Source: Cities Today
  2. Common moss may prove a cheap city pollution monitor, say scientists (8/21/2017)
    Source: Reuters
  3. Capacity-building Projects Enhance Urban, Rural Resilience (8/15/2017)
    Source: SDG Knowledge Hub
  4. The Global South is coming up with a new type of urbanism (8/14/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  5. Saskia Sassen on how the powerless can “hack” global cities (8/10/2017)
    Source: Architect’s Newspaper
  6. Urban Monkeys Are Too Chunky (8/8/2017)
    Source: CityLab


  1. Freetown’s mudslides and the slippery slope of urban risk in Africa (8/23/2017)
    Source: IRIN
  2. South Africa’s most violent cities revealed (8/23/2017)
    Source: Times Live
  3. The Future of Nairobi’s Informal Transit (8/22/2017)
    Source: CityLab
  4. The city that won’t stop growing (8/21/2017)
    Source: BBC News
  5. Exploitation and short-sightedness in Africa’s slums (8/20/2017)
    Source: Economist
  6. Growing more plants and trees can cut down the heat in Nigerian cities (8/20/2017)
    Source: The Conversation
  7. Cities across Africa face threat of landslides like Sierra Leone (8/18/2017)
    Source: Reuters
  8. Sierra Leone’s tragic mudslide disaster is a stark reminder of the country’s poor urban planning (8/16/2017)
    Source: Quartz


  1. Building for India’s poor: plant a seed to grow a forest (8/23/2017)
    Source: Place
  2. Interview: Lakes, trees vital to health of India’s growing cities: author (8/23/2017)
    Source: Reuters
  3. Hundreds dead, thousands at risk after massive flooding in South Asia (8/22/2017)
    Source: CNN
  4. Designing a Megacity for Mental Health (8/21/2017)
    Source: CityLab
  5. Slum upgrades key to disaster mitigation in Indian cities, analyst says (8/21/2017)
    Source: Place
  6. Criticism of India’s Smart Cities Mission is mounting (8/21/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  7. Srinagar city plan puts residents at risk of floods – officials (8/18/2017)
    Source: Place
  8. How Shanghai aims to replicate the efficiencies of its legions of trash pickers (8/17/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  9. Seoul set for urban rail expansion (8/16/2017)
    Source: International Railway Journal
  10. How Dhaka won the fight against open defecation and improved public health (8/14/2017)
    Source: Citiscope


  1. Sticky situation: Mexico City’s sisyphean battle with chewing gum (8/14/2017)
    Source: Guardian
  2. Amid economic hard times, Venezuelans turn to city farming (8/4/2017)
    Source: Reuters

Middle East

  1. Urban infrastructure projects to come up in Hatta (8/22/2017)
    Source: Gulf News
  2. Iran’s Urban Household Budget Survey 2016-17: Spending Overtakes Income (8/19/2017)
    Source: Financial Tribune
  3. Egypt Inflation Rate Surges to Record After Subsidy Cuts (8/10/2017)
    Source: Bloomberg

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