Urban Development Media Scan – 24 May 2018


  1. Paving the Way for Efficient Service Delivery


  1. World’s urban growth will surge most in India, China and Nigeria (5/16/18)
    Source: Reuters
  2. Could air pollution be linked to higher crime rates (5/15/18)
    Source: CityMetric
  3. Global plan powers up to supply clean energy for refugees (5/18/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  4. New Report Looks at Past Disasters to Prepare for the Future (5/8/18)
    Source: The World Bank
  5. Working Paper: Community-Driven Development: Myths and Realities (5/16/18)
    Source: The World Bank
  6. Like People, Diseases Travel Fast These Days (5/11/18)
    Source: CityLab


  1. WHO concerned as one Ebola case confirmed in urban area of Democratic Republic of the Congo (5/17/18)
    Source: World Health Organization
  2. Mozambique gets USD 150 mn from World Bank for urban development (5/21/18)
    Source: Devdiscourse
  3. Grant to help sustainable urban development for the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (5/18/18)
    Source: EurekAlert by the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  4. Developing Infrastructure is Alleviating Poverty in Africa (5/21/18)
    Source: Borgen Magazine
  5. African cities pledge to cut climate emissions to zero by 2050 (5/17/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation


  1. In Manila, is public art just a front for poor urban planning? (5/21/18)
    Source: CNN Philippines
  2. Rehabilitation of war-torn Marawi to be completed by 2021: Philippine official (5/21/18)
    Source: Xinhua Net
  3. Hoi An bicycle project wins global award (5/21/18)
    Source: Vietnam Plus
  4. How ADB is helping to persuade citizens to ride Hanoi’s metro (5/21/18)
    Source: Rail News
  5. Can Chinese Cities Leave the Car Behind? (5/18/18)
    Source: The Diplomat
  6. As Asians get rich and healthy, ‘smart crops’ replace rice on future menus (5/21/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  7. Yangon’s two-week landfill fire raises burning questions for authorities (5/17/18)
    Source: The Guardian
  8. The Amazing Psychology of Japanese Train Stations (5/22/18)
    Source: CityLab
  9. Taliban warn Kabul residents to ‘keep away’ ahead of attacks (5/21/18)
    Source: Arab News


  1. Latin America Addresses Environmental Priorities at Green Climate Fund Dialogue (5/15/18)
    Source: Lexicology

Middle East

  1. 12,000 people a day internally displaced by conflict across the middle east in 2017 (5/16/18)
    Source: Norwegian Refugee Council
  2. Acre’s Old City Turns to Tourism – and Tries Not to Displace Arab Residents in the Process (5/21/18)
    Source: Haaretz




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