Urban Development Media Scan – 25 January 2018


  1. Annual Program Statement: Municipal Waste Recycling Program
  2. Women in Waste Management: An Opportunity


  1. UNDP Showcases ‘State of Sustainable Development’ Around the World (1/18/18)
    Source: SDG Knowledge Hub
  2. The secret sauce for making the New Urban Agenda a success (1/10/18)
    Source: World Bank Group
  3. The daily commute: travel times to cities around the world – mapped (1/10/18)
    Source: The Guardian
  4. Who Will Own The Infrastructure In The Smart City? (1/12/18)
    Source: Forbes
  5. If Cities Are to Lead, National Transport and Housing Policy Needs to Change (1/4/18)
    Source: The City Fix


  1. Culture and urbanization ‘response to Niger migrant flows’ (1/18/18)
    Source: Ansa Med
  2. Nigeria’s Buhari Blames Communal Violence on Population Growth (1/9/18)
    Source: Reuters
  3. Wi-Fi but no water: Can smart tech help Africa’s cities’ poor? (1/5/18)
    Source: Reuters


  1. A Blue Sky in Beijing? It’s Not a Fluke, Says Greenpeace (1/11/18)
    Source: New York Times
  2. Cutting into Afghan Patronage: A Struggle to Make Government Younger (1/9/18)
    Source: New York Times
  3. Marawi rehab: The work ahead (1/12/18)
    Source: Rappler


  1. City Challenges: Collaborative Governing for Public Problem Solving (1/24/18)
    Source: Forbes
  2. Five Reasons why Haiti should invest in Resilient Cities (1/23/18)
    Source: World Bank

Middle East

  1. Jordan’s rooftop farming initiative offers fresh start for the needy (1/22/18)
    Source: Zawya
  2. Aden in the spotlight: war-torn port city tries to dust itself off (1/15/18)
    Source: The Guardian


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