Urban Development Media Scan – 30 August 2018


  1. New Resource Hub: Municipal Waste Recycling Program (MWRP)


  1. London and other major global cities commit to waste reduction declaration (8/28/18)
    Source: Envirotec Magazine
  2. Global Population Fuels Increased Slum Settlements, Says Report (8/29/18)
    Source: Independent
  3. The building blocks for tomorrow’s sustainable cities (8/29/18)
    Source: Gulf News
  4. As temperatures keep trending up, ‘heat belt’ cities maneuver to stay livable (8/29/18)
    Source: The Washington Post
  5. With Transportation Data, Theses Cities Became Most Sustainable and Socially Inclusive (8/13/18)
    Source: The City Fix


  1. Ethiopia inaugurates Africa’s first waste-to-energy project (8/20/18)
    Source: The New Times
  2. How Africa’s Largest City is Failing its Elderly (8/29/18)
    Source: U.S. News


  1. How Cities Are Saving China (8/28/18)
    Source: Project Syndicate
  2. Towards Inclusive Cities: Women and Urban Planning in Myanmar (8/15/18)
    Source: The Asia Foundation
  3. Asia’s future is mega cities (8/29/18)
    Source: New Straits Times


  1. ECLAC Urges Countries to Change Development Paradigm to Combat Climate Change, Achieve Sustainable Development (8/16/18)
    Source: IISD

Middle East

  1. Tel Aviv Tries to Connect an Isolated Neighborhood (8/28/18)
    Source: CityLab


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