Urban Development Media Scan – 30 November 2017


  1. USAID Urban Champion: Colin Quinn
  2. USAID Rejoins the Cities Alliance Partnership
  3. Postponed | Women in Waste Management: An Opportunity


  1. Urban Form and Environmental Performance of Modern Cities (11/22/17)
    Source: Science Trends
  2. Who is Responsible for the Future of Cities?  (11/6/17)
    Source: Harvard Business School
  3. Bonn: UN climate conference set to recognize the role of women in climate action (11/12/17)
    Source: UN News Centre
  4. Where Are the World’s Most Fragile Cities? (11/29/17)
    Source: City Lab
  5. Are cities the key agents of integration? (11/27/17)
    Source: openDemocracy
  6. Poorest bear brunt of climate shocks in cities (11/28/17)
    Source: Thomas Reuters Foundation
  7. How can cash-poor African, Asian cities raise finance for key infrastructure? (11/17/17)
    Source: Zilient.org
  8. Drowning in garbage (11/21/17)
    Source: Washington Post


  1. Does a struggling Ethiopian model town offer lessons for the future? (11/22/17)
    Source: Zilient.org
  2. [Analysis] Moving to Cities Has Lifted Over 300k South Africans Out of Poverty (11/26/17)
    Source: Eyewitness News
  3. In Nairobi, a chain of micro-clinics delivers health care where it’s needed most (11/16/17)
    Source: Citiscope


  1. ADB loans support green urban development in Vietnam (11/4/17)
    Source: Inquirer
  2. China is building 30 ‘sponge cities’ that aim to soak up floodwater and prevent disaster (11/10/17)
    Source: Business Insider
  3. Charting Asia’s Transformation to Sustainable Development (11/6/17)
    Source: Singapore Management University
  4. Reverse migration? Pollution in India’s cities draws residents back to rural life (11/20/17)
    Source: Zilient.org
  5. Air pollution in cities across Asia has reached a dangerous tipping point (11/28/17)
    Source: Ecologist

Middle East

  1. Gaza City in the spotlight: hesitant hope in a city where everyone still wants out (11/25/17)
    Source: The Guardian
  2. Ten Experts to Watch on Reconstruction in Syria (11/27/17)
    Source: News Deeply


  1. Resistance! Sao Paulo’s homeless seize the city (11/27/17)
    Source: The Guardian
  2. Why Latin American Cities Are Still Digging Subways (11/23/17)
    Source: World Crunch

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