Urban Development Media Scan – 4 May 2017

Here are the recent urban development media items:


  1. Event: Adaptation Community Meeting: Strengthening Adaptation Planning in Mozambican Coastal Cities
  2. Article: Financing the Growth of Cities (4/28/2017)


  1. How Data and Tech Will Fuel Megacities of the Future (5/3/2017)
    Source: BRINK
  2. This man says better data communication is key to making stronger city policy (5/3/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  3. Cities provide paths from poverty to sustainability (5/1/2017)
    Source: org
  4. Cities brace for climate challenges (4/30/2017)
    Source: org
  5. Coalition seeks to combine business know-how with priorities of the urban poor (4/27/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  6. Addressing the needs of vulnerable groups in urban areas (4/26/2017)
    Source: International Institute for Environment and Development
  7. Mapping and measuring urban places: Are we there yet? (Part 2/2) (4/26/2017)
    Source: World Bank
  8. Cities must stop underestimating their need and ability to respond to migration (4/25/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  9. Cities are Where the Future is Being Built (4/21/2017)
    Source: World Bank
  10. Three Roles Cities Play in Building a Sustainable Future (4/19/2017)
    Source: World Bank


  1. 3 ways Africa can unleash the potential of its women and youth (5/4/2017)
    Source: World Economic Forum
  2. Learning from the Ebola Response in cities: Responding in the context of quarantine (5/2/2017)
    Source: ReliefWeb
  3. Ethiopia: USAID Consolidating Urban Health Care Support (4/28/2017)
    Source: AllAfrica
  4. Why brutalizing food vendors hits Africa’s growing cities where it hurts (4/27/2017)
    Source: The Conversation
  5. Johannesburg and Accra: inching their way up the urban food chain (4/24/2017)
    Source: The Conversation
  6. Fighting injustice helps in creating resilient urban spaces (4/20/2017)
    Source: The Conversation
  7. Food Insecurity a Pressing Issue Amidst Urban Growth in Africa (4/20/2017)
    Source: Food Tank


  1. City Hall to Survey, Grant Land Titles to Qualified Urban Poor (5/4/2017)
    Source: Cambodia Daily
  2. Urban Poor: Caught in cycle of misfortune, debt, neglect (5/4/2017)
    Source: Daily Star
  3. Pakistan to work with Kabul, Delhi on water management (5/3/2017
    Source: Dawn
  4. We cannot afford to waste wastewater: UNESCO representative to Iran (5/3/2017)
    Source: Tehran Times
  5. What can cities learn from Sri Lanka’s landfill tragedy? (5/2/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  6. India’s ‘Diamond City’ finds ways to keep its sparkle (5/1/2017)
    Source: Reuters
  7. Freewheeling Bangkok lays path to safer, more liveable city (5/1/2017)
    Source: 100 Resilient Cities
  8. Traditional Japanese uchimizu technique works to cool down hot cities (4/24/2017)
    Source: org
  9. Seeing Indian cities through the eyes of children (4/21/2017)
    Source: Citiscope


  1. Overcoming Deep Inequality in Brazilian Cities: An Interview with Erminia Maricato (4/24/2017)
    Source: Council on Hemispheric Affairs
  2. One man, one city, three evictions: the human cost of Rio’s growth (4/24/2017)
    Source: Place

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