Urban Development Media Scan – 5 October 2017


  1. USAID Opportunity: Democracy Fellow, Conflict, Fragility & Peacebuilding
  2. United States Partners with Sri Lanka to Protect Oceans by Improving Waste Management


  1. Cities are gaining power in global politics — can the UN keep up? (9/29/17)
    Source: Citiscope
  2. Boosting access to market-based debt financing for sub-national entities (9/19/17)
    Source: World Bank
  3. Sustainable cities key to implement SDGs, says head of UN regional development arm (10/4/17)
    Source: United Nations
  4. 7 biggest trends to emerge from Global Goals Week (9/25/17)
    Source: Devex


  1. Why Africa needs to modernize its urban laws — and how it can do so (9/26/17)
    Source: Citiscope
  2. Pros & Cons of the Rapid Growth of African Cities (10/4/17)
    Source: Africa.com
  3. Africa’s city farmers can feed millions as they earn an income (9/27/17)
    Source: Business Day
  4. African cities could lead smart city innovation (10/2/17)
    Source: FastNet
  5. Data from Kampala shed new light on informal workers (10/4/17)
    Source: CitiScope


  1. The Urbanization of Malnutrition (9/25/17)
    Source: Inter Press Service
  2. World’s biggest slum population poses risk for East Asia – report (10/3/17)
    Source: Thomas Reuters Foundation
  3. China’s ‘sponge cities’ aim to re-use 70% of rainwater. Here’s how they do it (9/26/17)
    Source: CityMetric
  4. Punjab, Pakistan has just transformed its land record management system. What can we learn? (9/20/17)
    Source: World Bank
  5. One of Asia’s Fastest-Growing Cities Just Got a $1 Billion Plumbing Bill (9/26/17)
    Source: Next City

Middle East

  1. Cities of Refuge in the Middle East: Bringing an Urban Lens to the Forced Displacement Challenge (9/14/17)
    Source: ReliefWeb
  2. Initiatives Enhance Adaptation in the MENA Region (10/3/17)
    Source: International Institute for Sustainable Development


  1. How the most important city in Central America was abandoned and then rebuilt (9/28/17)
    Source: The National
  2. Mapping Disasters and Displacements in Latin America and the Caribbean (9/21/17)
    Source: Americas Society/Council of the Americas

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