Urban Development Media Scan – 7 September 2017


  1. USAID Urban Champion: Montserrat Acosta
  2. Visiting Sri Lanka and Vietnam with USAID’s Municipal Waste Recycling Program
  3. Municipal Waste Recycling Program Annual Program Statement – Amendment 2


  1. Study: Cities and Companies Team Up to Tackle Urban Water Crises (8/30/2017)
    Source: Voice of America
  2. A River Runs Through it: the global movement to ‘daylight’ urban waterways (8/29/2017)
    Source: Guardian
  3. Turning Cities’ Focus Back to Land-based Finance (8/29/2017)
    Source: Citiscope
  4. Cities Alliance Now Accepting Applications for Its Gender Prize (8/28/2017)
    Source: Cities Alliance
  5. Conversations about Urban Resilience (8/25/2017)
    Source: 100 Resilient Cities
  6. Thirsty World Must Wake Up to Looming Water Crisis, Expert Says (8/24/2017)
    Source: Reuters
  7. WCCD City Data for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (7/19/2017)
    Source: World Council on City Data
  8. 5 Takeaways from Stockholm World Water Week (9/4/2017)
    Source: Devex
  9. Powering Cities in the Global South: How Energy Access for All Benefits the Economy and the Environment (9/7/2017)
    Source: World Resources Institute


  1. Africa’s Cities Face Unique Risks (8/24/2017)
    Source: The Chronicle, Zimbabwe
  2. How Scientists Can Help Make the Sustainable Development Goals a Reality (8/28/2017)
    Source: All Africa
  3. Secret Behind Rwanda’s Successful Vaccination Programme (9/5/2017)
    Source: The Herald, Zimbabwe


  1. ‘Unesco-cide’: does world heritage status do cities more harm than good? (8/30/2017)
    Source: Guardian
  2. As men migrate to cities, women farmers seek Indian land rights (8/30/2017)
    Source: Place
  3. Movement towards urban centers is significant: Rais (8/27/2017)
    Source: Dawn


  1. How to achieve the SDGs (8/30/2017)
    Source: Eco-Business
  2. Who is Latin America and The Caribbean Leaving Behind? (8/25/2017)
    Source: United Nations Development Programme
  3. Energy Habits Are Changing in Latin America’s Cities (8/24/2017)
    Source: Inter Press Service

Middle East

  1. World Bank: Tackle Middle East Water Scarcity to Save Money, Boost Stability (8/29/2017)
    Source: Voice of America

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