Millennium Challenge Corporation Annual Program Statement

Urban Growth Analysis & Urban Management Partnership Opportunity

Millennium Challenge Corporation Annual Program Statement 

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is looking for partners who can give MCC access to the latest thought leadership, research, and practice related to:

1) Analyzing the role of urban agglomeration in economic growth and the contribution of urbanization to poverty reduction;

2) The effects of urban land policy and its implementation in enabling economic growth and poverty reduction; and/or

3) Design and implementation of policies, institutional practices and tools or systems to help government institutions better manage and monitor urbanization in order to more fully achieve its benefits.

Partners would work with MCC to develop operational tools and methodologies for addressing the urban agglomeration and growth dimensions of MCC’s growth diagnostics; for MCC root cause and problem analysis associated with urbanization or urban environments; and for MCC due diligence and design of projects in urban or urbanizing contexts, with particular emphasis on the policy and institutional enabling environment for urban management and urban growth. Partners could also contribute to the development of methodologies and tools to identify the outcomes and quantify the benefits of urban land-oriented investments.

The next deadlines for concept paper review are May 31 and July 31, 2018.

Full details on this Annual Program Statement (APS) can be found here.

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