Video: Waste Less Arugam Bay

Waste Less Arugam Bay (WLAB) is a social enterprise funded by USAID through the Municipal Waste Recycling Program (MWRP), which offers holistic solutions to plastic related issues in Arugam Bay in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. With the aims to create a streamlined system of plastic waste collection, the enterprise enables increased levels of recycling and upcycling of plastic and foster a culture to reduce the plastic uses in the Bay.

The video highlights the process of collecting plastics from all over the town and bringing them back to the project location on Arugam Bay’s main street to be baled. The baling process, as well as the baled bottles, are publicly visible to create further awareness about the scale of the problem of plastic consumption and potential pollution of the environment.

The project has already collected and recycled six metric tons of PET bottles (~200,000 plastic bottles) from hotels, restaurants, and illegal dumps. The majority of baled PET bottles are sent to the firm Eco Spindles in Colombo to be recycled into polyester yarn.

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