Water Security Improvement Toolkit #2 – Water Security Assessment

Water Security Assessment: This is the second in a series of six toolkits that present topics and strategies for addressing issues of water security.

A water security assessment aims to enhance the understanding of water risks within a defined water security improvement (WSI) space (defined geography, actors, and risks). The approach and focus of a water security assessment process is informed and guided by the WSI space; it can be as exhaustive, specific, or rapid as necessary, depending on stakeholder priorities and the water-related risks they want to address. The assessment is conducted from a risk perspective that identifies potential hazards, their likelihood and severity, the vulnerable populations or areas, and the resulting criticality of the risks.

Conducting a water security assessment is an essential step in the process of addressing water risks. It establishes a common and agreed-upon information base on the severity and extent of water risks, now and in the near future. This information will be the foundation for the planning, implementation, and monitoring of water security activities. It is also a critical justification to ensure support from funders and governing authorities.



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