Clean Cities, Blue Ocean is the U.S. Agency for International Development’s flagship ocean plastics program. The program leverages USAID’s 60 years of leadership in international development and humanitarian efforts and a partner consortium of technical experts to implement innovative local solutions to a complex global challenge. The program, through its close coordination with local USAID missions and national governments in Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate measurable progress on this issue and reduce the amount of plastic entering the ocean. Clean Cities, Blue Ocean aims to work with partners throughout the waste value chain to build more circular local economies.

The program’s team of technical experts and operational staff bring technical capacity, rigorous program performance monitoring and evaluation, and the ability to increase investment capacity and visibility to implement strategic solutions. Continuing to establish partnerships with industry leaders and subject matter experts is core to the program’s success. We look forward to hearing from your organization about how we can work together.

Private Sector Engagement

Clean Cities, Blue Ocean recognizes the importance of partnerships and the potential that private sector engagement brings, not only in terms of investment but also in technical skill and expertise, market influence, and a vast network of supply chain partners. As part of its unique offerings, the program engages private sector entities at the global and local levels to develop high-impact partnerships that bolster direct program funding, impact and reach, and sustainability. Clean Cities, Blue Ocean generates measurable impacts in addressing ocean plastic pollution through its engagement with communities, coordination with local government, and rigorous monitoring and evaluation framework. With performance indicators across social, environmental, and economic impacts, collaboration with Clean Cities, Blue Ocean can also help organizations meet corporate sustainability goals.

Clean Cities, Blue Ocean seeks to convene and build partnerships with multi-national corporations, financial institutions, local and regional companies, civil society organizations, and subject matter experts, among others, in the following areas:

Promoting the 3Rs and markets for materials after use

  • Pilot and scale new business models for circular solutions that reduce the use of problematic and unnecessary materials and products
  • Strengthen local infrastructure and waste systems through investments in improved material sorting, collection, aggregation, and processing capacity
  • Improve market conditions for reuse, recycling, and recovery through upstream design opportunities (eliminating problematic additives, colorants, etc.) as well as downstream engagement (offtake agreements, innovative recycling and reuse technologies, etc.)

Strengthening local governance and resource capacity

  • Collaborate with diverse stakeholders to establish effective local policies for financially sustainable local solid waste systems
  • Support technical capacity building initiatives among local stakeholders for increased effectiveness, health, and safety to carry out SWM activities
  • Help close financing gaps for waste management service and infrastructure projects

Improving health, safety, and women’s economic empowerment

  • Support training and empowerment activities for women in the waste sector, increasing opportunities to become business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Support women owned businesses through procurement preferences and partnership opportunities
  • Promote women’s participation in the development of innovative solutions and decision making
  • Improve working conditions and safety

Building behavior-centered programming for the 3Rs and enhanced solid waste management

  • Participate in the development of behavior change strategies through engagement with local stakeholders
  • Exchange knowledge through workplace and soft skill trainings to empower local entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Reinforce best practices for responsible 3R and solid waste management practices

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Other Ways to Partner

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