Municipal Waste Recycling Program USAID MWRP Fact Sheet

 KEEPING PLASTICS OUT OF THE OCEAN Every year, eight million metric tons of plastic waste pour into the world’s ocean—the equivalent of a garbage truck dumping a load of plastic into the ocean every minute.1 Ineffective waste management systems and infrastructure in developing countries have led to much of this… Read More

Municipal Waste Recycling Program (MWRP) – Vietnam Country Profile

The global crisis of ocean plastic pollution—each year eight million metric tons of plastic pour into the ocean— has local origins in poor waste management in cities of the developing world. Vietnam is the world’s fourth largest plastic polluter1 to the marine environment, contributing approximately 730,000 metric tons annually. Read More

Municipal Waste Recycling Program

Providing grants and technical assistance for promising solid waste management and waste recycling efforts in urban and peri-urban areas With rapid global population growth and urbanization, municipal waste generation is expected to rise to 2.2 billion tons per year by 2025 according to the World Bank. Much of this waste… Read More

Clean Cities, Blue Ocean

While CCBO is global in scope, the program will build on previous USAID recycling programs such as the Municipal Waste Recycling Program through an initial focus on key countries in Asia and Latin America. Read More

MWRP Vietnam: Partnerships for Clean Regional Waterways

Plastics pollution is a serious issue along highly populated rivers and estuaries in Nam Dinh Province, home to 2.15 million people. Mismanaged plastic waste contributes to an increase in ocean plastics pollution and affects the livelihoods of those living along waterways in the province. Read More