MWRP: Sharing Zero Waste Model Across Southeast Asia – From Philippines to Vietnam and Indonesia

According to the Government of Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry, a significant percentage of solid waste in Indonesia is unmanaged. Only 25% of solid waste is collected by centralized service providers, but this waste is not segregated and therefore is transported as mixed waste to landfills. In Vietnam, a rapid rise in tourism in Cam Thanh commune in Hoi An and the Cham Islands has led to mounting solid waste management challenges that also require more effective handling of large and growing quantities of waste. Read More

Reducing Pollution Activity

The Reducing Pollution Activity aims to address Vietnam's environmental pollution challenges through support to local actors with a focus on plastic waste, wastewater from urban households and craft villages, and air pollution. Read More

SERVIR – Southeast Asia

NASA and USAID launched the SERVIR-Mekong hub in 2015 at the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center in Bangkok, Thailand, to serve the countries of the Mekong River Basin: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Read More